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FBC Decatur Special Missions Offering Supports Ministries around the World

The Peelers on Mission in Cambodia

Bill and Noy Peeler were able to take a medical team into underserved parts of Cambodia and hope to have an opportunity to take some FBC Decatur folks with them on a future mission.

For more photos of the Peelers on mission in Cambodia click here.

God is Showing Up in Cambodia

Report from Bill and Noy Peeler

S. has been a believer for only a couple of months and already he's leading a house group in his village. His story began with a Bible tract telling the story of Lazarus and the Rich Man. He went home that afternoon and told his family and neighbors about the story. Not long after that, 32 new believers of his village were baptized. Since then he's had to face a barrage of demonically instigated attacks and yet he's still standing in the strength of the Holy Spirit. In this photograph he's telling a Bible story using the Oral Bible School picture flip chart. Many people in his village can't read and even those who can respond readily to stories transmitted in narrated form. He once had a spirit altar nailed to a post in his house where he use to pray to dead spirits, lit joss sticks, and placed offerings. But when he learned that Christ and those spirits could never live peacefully together in the same household, he took it out and smashed it into little pieces. It's remains lie scattered at the bottom of a ditch behind his house. 

There's a Place for You in Missions

Missions or service to others, is the fourth element of the overall mission of First Baptist Church of Decatur.

... To serve Decatur and the world in the way of Jesus.”

We serve by intercessory prayer and by action. Following the calendar at OperationWorld online (see below), we pray for every country and people group in the world.

Opportunities for service in Decatur, elsewhere in the U.S., and abroad are open to anyone—not just church members. If you have a passion and gift for a particular mode of service and we aren't doing that here, we will connect you with someone who IS doing what makes your heart sing. Our goal is to get every First Baptist Decatur participant "out of the stands, onto the field, and in the game."

Prayers and Squares

The FBC Decatur quilting ministry encourages the congregation to offer intercessory prayer for specific people in need of God's healing, comfort, peace and presence.

Tie a Knot, Say a Prayer—The congregation ties knots in the custom designed, handmade quilt, and prays specifically for the person receiving the quilt.

Click on the quilt photo to learn more about the history of this ministry, and how you can be involved and support the ministry.


Help for Syrian Refugees

The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship is helping refugees from the fighting in Syria through its field personnel in neighboring countries. If you would like to help with this effort, you may give online at the Syria-CBF link below or mail a check made out to “CBF” with Acct. 17000 in the memo line to: Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, P.O. Box 101699, Atlanta, GA 30392-1699.



Partners in Ministry and Missions

Decatur Ministries

Missions Partners


The Matupi Chin Baptist Church congregation meets in the Chapel on Sunday afternoons.

Pray for the Chin refugees and for this congregation.

For a glimpse into the Matupi Chin community at First Baptist Decatur click here.

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